Khulafa Al-Rashidin Orphanage Aid and Development (KAROAD) is a grassroots, non-profit NGO located in the town of MelkaJebdu, Ethiopia. It aims to work for the well being of children, who for various reasons, could not sufficiently get the support and protection of their families in general, and orphaned, abandoned and high risk destitute children in particular. Having noticed the ever increasing number of OVC's (Orphaned and Vulnerable Children) who are denied of their right of love and protection, KAROAD has planned to address their needs.


The Khulafa Al-Rashidin Orphanage Aid and Development (KAROAD) was established in 1997/1989 EC, with the assistance of good will individuals to assist orphans, abandoned and high risk destitute children in Dire Dawa town and Melka Jebdu Kebele in particular. It is registered by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), DPFSO (Disaster Prevention Food Security Office), and is accredited from the Education Bureau of DireDawa.


The major aim is to promote the well-being and living conditions of the orphans and high risk destitute children of Dire Dawa, particularly of Melka Jebdu Kebele, where the project is located via the already established orphanage center and school.

  • Provides free pre-elementary and elementary education, learning materials including text books and stationary (exercise books, pens, etc.) to all children attending school
  • The organization provides care and support to orphans and provides them with basic needs such as shelter, food, health services, sanitation, etc.
  • Built 7 classrooms including 2 handcraft rooms with 3 typewriters
  • Built a kitchen, a dining room and 2 dormitories
  • Authorized person: Sheikh  Ibrahim Abdallah Boru
  • Number of Staff: 7 teachers, 3 guards, 2 cooks, 3 sanitary workers and 2 gardeners
  • Summing up to: 17 staff members
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